Talking about my Major

Choosing a major right for you is probably the most difficult thing in the college process. The average person changes his or her major two times. As of right now, I am currently majoring in Biology with a minor in Marine Science and I don't plan on switching out. Ever since I started high school, it has been a dream of mine to work on or around the ocean. Being from Rhode Island, I was never more than a half hour away from the Atlantic. I would go to the beach constantly, whether to go surfing and swimming with friends or searching for sea creatures in the tide pools. The ocean has been and will remain a big part of my life. I’m sure of it. In fact, my common application consisted of only coastal schools. Here at William and Mary they work very closely with a marine research institute known as VIMS (Virginia Institute of Marine Science). My aspirations are to intern and hopefully work for this corporation in the near future. We rely on the ocean for almost everything and it would be a shame to let its potential go to waste. It is my goal to harness as many resources as possible from the ocean while also preserving the marine environment. I believe William and Mary, in combination/association with VIMS, will greatly prepare me for this task and I can see no better alternative for the future.