As your junior year comes to a close and summer is fast upon you, now is the time to begin to prepare for your post-secondary options. Before you can blink, your senior year will be here. So what can you do to reduce the stress of your senior year?

1.      After your junior grades are completed, request a copy of your transcript to review your grades, rank and GPA. Now would the time to correct any errors.


2.      What are you planning to do after graduation? Will you be attending a four-year college, two- year college, technical school, military or enter the work force? Now is the time to begin your exploration.

3.      Take a moment and check out the list of states that offer Private College Week visits to students. Each group of colleges offers different incentives. The first opportunity is in June.

4.      Check out the college planning calendar to see the “tentative dates” for SAT and ACT tests next fall. College Board and ACT confirm their dates by the end of June.

5.      If you qualify for a fee-waiver for the SAT or ACT, and you would like to take the test in September, please see your school counselor before the end of the school year to obtain the necessary information.

6.      Check out your family’s EFC (expected family contribution) at You will find the EFC calculator in the heading entitled calculators. This will give your family an estimate of what the federal government believes you and your family should be able to contribute toward your education.

Keep checking back for more information.