Are you looking for a different way to get your students engaged in the classroom? Are you willing to try incorporating something fun into your lesson? If the answer to these two questions is yes, then you should check out Kahoot (https://getkahoot.com/) if you have not already checked it out. It is a free learning platform, which you can incorporate in most, if not all, classroom settings.

Kahoot allows the teacher to create something similar to Jeopardy and all of your students have an opportunity to enter a response. The questions can be displayed on an overhead, white board, etc. As students respond, the number of responses for each answer are displayed.

Teachers can use Kahoot to introduce new topics, review for a quiz, discussions, etc. To learn more about this instructional method please visit https://getkahoot.com/.  There are many examples on the Internet of how to use Kahoot. I have selected two examples and listed them below.

A video on understanding Kahoot created by Dan Gibson:

A  video on a Kahoot regarding Hamlet created by Heather Berger: