Welcome to School Counselor Online

This website has been five years in the planning. In my position as a school counselor, I was constantly trying to add more time to the day to ensure I reached all of my students. The reality is there are not enough hours in the day to provide students with as much one-on-one time as they might need. I began to utilize email, Google Docs and other forms of technology to communicate with my students on a variety of topics including college essays, completing the common application, scholarships, etc. This site will provide students with information on many topics.

In addition, I have incorporated a section for parents and one for teachers. The parent portal will provide parents with information to help their children reach their academic success. The portal for teachers is designed to highlight the outstanding accomplishments so many teachers are creating for students across the country.

Finally, the blog section will showcase students who graduated in 2015. Some are enrolled in their first year of college while others chose to take a gap year.

Welcome and I look forward to hearing from you.