Check out Science Friday



Have you heard about the program Science Friday? Did you know their website provides science teachers with an abundance of information and ideas? (

I had an opportunity to listen to some of the collaborators for this program on the SC NPR radio program. It was exciting to listen to teachers discuss how they are using hands-on STEM activities to enhance their classrooms.

One of the activities on the website is Illustrated Graphs: Using Art To Enliven Scientific Data by Ryan Becker. Another is Hydrophobicity: Will the Drop Stop or Roll by Beth Topinka. There is a myriad of material for Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology classes and more. You can check out who the collaborators are at

In November, Science Friday will be accepting applications for teachers to become part of the collaborative team. If you are interested in sharing your expertise and would like to apply to become a collaborator, check out the following link