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Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to get me to where I am now. You really do care about your students...
— Liv
As parents, many of us use the ‘roots and wings’ approach to childrearing. We nurture and teach our children when they are babies and toddlers, and then we head off to preschool to hand them over to their next batch of teachers. We trust that these people will give them the same loving care that we did, and that they will reinforce the beliefs and values that we instilled at home, Sometimes, it’s hot or miss. Sometimes, it works out and other times, the personalities don’t mesh for whatever reason. By the time our ‘babies’ reach high school, we hope that they will make good choices for their future. We hope that they will get the guidance and educational background to steer them to appropriate career paths. Selfishly, I had hoped that my high school daughter had another mother to look out for her and to gently but firmly keep her on the right track for academic and personal success.

As luck would have it, my daughter found that special person, that second mother, in her guidance counselor at South Kingstown High School, Mrs. Cheryl Leaver. The instant I met her in the fall of 2001, I knew she was cut out for the job of watching my child... a child who, despite academic and athletic achievement in middle school, was suffering from a lack of confidence and a touch of insecurity. Mrs. Leaver immediately went to work in establishing a warm and caring bond with my daughter. I think it was Mrs. Leaver’s genuine sense of concern and zany sense of humor that won her over. She also always followed up with my daughter anytime she had a question or even a doubt about whether she could handle a class or teacher.

For the past four year, she has been our guardian angel at South Kingstown High School, and she has given wings to my child as she readies for college.
— Mrs. C
Thank you so much for your help these last few months with the college application process, and these past few years with my high school
journey. You have taken the time to get to know me, and that really reflected in your letter.
— India
As a parent of a junior student who is about to enter into his senior year, I began to become very anxious about the college process. My son was determined to attend The College of William and Mary, and I was intent on helping him succeed.

I began to research the college process and became very concerned and overwhelmed. That is when I informed my son, to reach out to his guidance counselor and seek her advice.

Ms. Leaver was there with a cheerful readiness to provide my son with the necessary, tools, guidance, and support to facilitate the process.

As the process got underway, Ms. Leaver met with my son daily and then weekly. She monitored his progress during his application period. She critiqued his essays, and provided him with a plan of action. She advised him about deadlines, which included early decisions, scholarships and financial aid applications. She was there for him every step of the way.

Ms. Leaver up-dated me throughout the process. She left nothing unturned. My experience, with Ms. Leaver, was more than I expected from a guidance counselor. She answered questions, solved problems and continued to provide my son and me with the fundamental essentials to achieve his goal.

In December, my son received his acceptance letter. I truly believe Ms. Leaver’s guidance, support and instruction provided my son with the necessary tools to accomplish his purpose, which was to attend The College of William & Mary.

Ms. Leaver not only has the capacity and intelligence to assist students, but she also possesses compassion and dedication, when it comes to helping and accommodating parents and students. I am very grateful for Ms. Leaver and it was a privilege to work with her.
— Dayna
First and foremost, thank you so much for your help with the Presidential Scholarship. Not only did you write me an award-winning recommendation essay, but you encouraged me to give it my all. Without your encouragement I would not be where I am. Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of having you as my guidance counselor. Out of the many adults that I interact with on a daily basis, I find it very hard to find any other who genuinely cares about the students as much as you do....
— Josh
I have been afforded many great opportunities up to this point in my life. I live with a strong family, in a safe town, and have received an excellent education. I have met people I greatly enjoy and admire and others that I haven’t. Unfortunately, you were the latter when I met first met you. I was struggling in a class, something that I was not used to, and in my eyes, you were part of the problem not the solution. I regret this very much because you have helped me greatly in what has been one of the most stressful times of my short life. I am strong, opinionated and sometimes stubborn. Once I like something I love it and once I dislike something I hate it. After walking out of your office from the meeting with my parents and Ms.—- I honestly had all intentions to never set foot in the guidance office again. At that moment I decided I didn’t like you and that meant I hated you. Then, you did something that no one has ever done, which is change my opinion of them. You completely shattered my initial thoughts and elevated the respect I had for you to higher levels than I could have ever thought of. I hope you realize that nothing you’ve done for me in terms of college and school can amount to the life lesson that I have learned by you being able to gain my trust and respect back. I didn’t believe in giving people second chances, and maybe it is that I’m maturing, or maybe you did an excellent job in gaining it back, but you did. I am extremely glad that I gave you a second chance because it has been one of the best lessons of my life. I know your job consists mainly of stress and people yelling at you all day so I hope that this letter reminds you of all the good you do for your students. Feel free to show this letter to your next student that is angry and upset with you because I wish I would have realized how much you could help me earlier.
— Joey